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Water Softeners & Water Softener Salt

If you live in a hard water area problems with limescale can reduce the life of your boiler, hot water system and domestic appliances, like washing machines, quite significantly. You will also use up to three times more detergents, soaps and shampoos in hard water regions.

Although adding a water softener may seem expensive (most units cost between £370 to £800), over the course of a decade they could save you thousands of pounds.

How does a water softener work?

Hard water that is for use in the domestic system (for washing and heating, NOT drinking water) is pumped through a pressurised container filled with beads of resin. These beads are coated with tiny ions which neutralise and retain the hard water elements within the water. Periodically these beads are automatically cleaned by flushing with brine (water softener salt solution), which is disposed of through the drain, leaving the beads regenerated for further use.

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We stock water softeners and water softener salt by:

Monarch, Waterside, Liff and Hydrosoft.


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