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Shower Pumps

You can't always rely on gravity pressure from your domestic water system to efficiently run a shower. In most cases you will need to fit a shower pump to achieve an acceptable flow rate.

Shower pumps are available in different pressure ratings, usually from 1.5 to 5 bar. The higher the bar rating, the higher the pressure, the faster the flow and generally the more expensive the pump.

If you are looking for the 'power' shower effect you will need to choose a shower pump of a higher pressure rating, normally 3 to 5 bar.

The shower valve and riser type you choose may also require a pump of a minimum rating to operate correctly. Check the bar rating of these fittings before purchasing your pump. If in doubt please ask for advice before you buy.

We stock shower pumps by:

Aqualisa, Mira, Grunfoss Watermill, Salamander, Torrent, Techflow, Triton and Galaxy.

What type of shower pump should you buy?

The layout of your water system determines the type of pump you require.

Shower pumps fall into two categories: positive head and negative head pumps; and then divide into two further categories – twin or single impeller.

Positive head shower pumps need a minimum head of at least 500mm between the base of the tank and the shower head. It requires a gravity feed of water to kick start the impellers and start pumping hot and cold water. A positive head shower pump pushes the feed of water to the shower.

Negative head shower pumps are required when the shower pump is going to be sited above, or at the same level as, the cold water tank. These pumps literally sucks the water from the tanks to operate the shower.

Single impeller shower pumps only pump one water supply, either hot or cold but predominantly hot water in most cases because pressure from the hot tank is usually lower than from the cold tank. A single impeller forces the water to the shower mixer.

Twin impeller shower pumps are the more common type of pump. The pump is connected to both the hot and cold water supply which then pumps water to the mixer valve. The advantage is that you achieve an even flow of both hot and cold water. The pump needs to be installed within 3 to 4 metres of the hot tank and ideally a minimum of half a metre below the cold tank. To reduce noise it is a good idea to site the pump in a cupboard, like the airing cupboard.


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